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EYS Engineering has more than 30 years of knowledge in the fields of Compensation and Energy Monitoring since its establishment in 2014. and is excited to share its experience with you, our valued customers. Customer needs from day one Our company, which adopts the principle of producing quality, reliable and economical solutions, has a good reputation in the market in a short time. has taken place. To meet the increasing energy needs in our country and in the world, to minimize its impact on the environment. with its expert staff and experience to produce and implement creative and efficient solutions in energy continues to produce solutions

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Faster, More Innovative, More Powerful..

You can contact us for information about EYS Energy Management Systems, products and more.

  • We Know What the Business Needs of Business Life Are. We Work To Provide The Highest Level Solutions To Our Customers' Demands
  • We Follow Sector-Specific Transformation, Develop and Implement Solutions with Our Stakeholders All Over Turkey
  • We Provide Smart Energy Solutions for Safe Living Spaces, We Provide Economic Energy Management for Medium and Large-Scale Projects

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